“Does winning have to cost tons of money?”

Grow Your Audience - Win Back Your Life!

Do you want to run your online shop from your friendly neighborhood coffee place? Or do you want to grow your small business into an online superpower?

The Online Growth Masterclass gives you the tools and the knowledge you need.

Be the boss - and never feel helpless in the online marketing jungle again.


Low Budget Online Success Divided Into Core Elements

The Online Growth Masterclass will provide you with step-by-step processes on how to build an online audience, generate web traffic for any website, and earn money – for your side project or your business venture.

The Online Growth Masterclass is the only resource you will ever need to build a striving online business without having to dig through 1000s of blog posts or investing 100.000s in ads.

Start with the first course – Social Media Growth Basics – to get instant results and work through a 4-week action plan. Then continue through the in-depth topic courses to enhance your online marketing results every day!

All included modules:

  • Social Media Growth Basics
  • In-Depth Twitter Marketing Module
  • In-Depth Content Marketing and Blogging Module
  • Blog SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • Targeting: Making Sure You Reach the Right Audience
  • Individual Networks
  • Guest Blogging
  • How to Define and Measure KPIs

An Unmatched Learning Experience

We believe in choice: This Masterclass has been developed to match your preferences - you decide which module you start when. When the time is right for you, simply join one of the modules and start learning.

Learn what you need - at your own speed. We do not put invisible boundaries in your way or force you to learn at a specific speed, only feeding you new content after a certain time.

Beautifully designed to never be in the way of your progress. You don't need fancy popups or lightboxes to come between you and the content you are trying to work through, right? Click on the screenshots below to see a full size version:

About Us

We are Jonathan and Susanna Gebauer, well known social media marketing influencers. But we’ve also gone through our fair share of failures in our entrepreneurial lives.

When we founded our first online business in 2010 we knew nothing about online marketing. We had to find our way through endless advice. We finally figured out how to get it right and reached proven processes to grow an audience for any business. Processes we could repeat over and over again.

It came too late for our business. But we took what we learned and built a new company: The Social Ms. And we are giving this process and knowledge to you now.

We are doing this because we know that Online Marketing Success is NOT that hard if you know what to do – but it is very hard if you don’t.

With the … Masterclass, you get all of our proven tactics that led to The Social Ms success.

About The Social Ms

When we started The Social Ms, we weren't new to the game and we knew what to do. That showed.

In just 6 months, we grew The Social Ms into a well known and respected online marketing and social media marketing resource. We grew our traffic to nearly 50,000 pageviews in less than half a year.

And we managed top spots on various marketing influencer lists like Onalytica's yearly social media marketing influencer report. Here are some of our recent successes:

  • Jonathan Gebauer: Top 100 Social Media Marketing Influencer #54.
  • Susanna Gebauer: Top 100 Social Media Marketing Influencer #16.
  • The Social Ms: Top 100 Social Media Marketing Brands #15.
  • The Social Ms: Top 100 Social Media Blogs #24.
  • Susanna Gebauer: Top 100 Content Marketing Influencers 2016 #13.
  • Jonathan Gebauer: Top 100 Content Marketing Influencers 2016 #90.


We've worked with numerous clients in the past - from small businesses to big corporates. Here is a selection of companies we've worked with:

What others say about us:

Guy Pardon, Atomikos

"The Social Ms blog and books have shown us great possibilities of growing on Twitter and via online media. In addition, they actually respond to email reactions. Practicing what they preach gives them the credibility edge.”

David Bibby

"This information is perfect for me and I am doing my homework. You are really opening my eyes to what it means to be a marketer or social marketer. I have several websites and blogs but I completely underestimated Twitter and how powerful it actually is."

"If you are looking for an online marketing resource that is always the first to publish all of the latest developments in the niche, as well as the one which provides a bunch of free advice through articles and blog posts, The Social Ms is the right place for you. ..."

- The Blog Herald -

"The Social Ms is one of the best blogs online which is concerned with bringing top-notch advice on how social media works, as well as marketing and creating content. Each article they post is crammed full of useful content, unlike the filler-infused articles you will find on competing websites. ..."

- Startup Savant -



If you are unhappy with our product, or it turns out to not be what you expected, we do not want your money.

We provide a full 30-day money back guarantee. Just send us an email and we will refund you in full!